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Senior's Guide to Safety

for Boomers, Seniors, Elders and their concerned families
Tools for staying safe and avoiding risk

About senior safety 

Dear fellow Elder,

   Please think of this blog as the start of an OWNER”S MANUAL for Staying Safe from the varieties of risk in your daily life.


    In future commentaries

we will discuss the various aspects of risk in the lives of us senior citizens, or elders.  We will identify the risks, assess them, provide strategies for coping, and discuss ways of mitigating those risks and maximizing safety in our daily lives.  


    I believe that this blog is unique, and I hope you will find it uniquely helpful.


    Please feel free to join our community of elders with your personal views and experiences by adding your perspective and the varieties of risk in your life and how you are dealing with them.


   We look forward to communicating with you.


John Aigner


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