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Safe computing sites for seniors

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

Here are some internet sites that could be helpful for seniors who want to learn about safe and creative computer usage.

  1. SeniorNet ( - This nonprofit organization offers computer education and technology training to seniors. They have an extensive library of online resources, including tutorials, articles, and webinars.

2. AARP ( - The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) has a technology section on their website that provides information on safe computer use, internet scams, and protecting personal information online

3. ConnectSafely ( - This website provides information on safe online behavior for all ages. They have a section dedicated to seniors that covers topics such as online privacy, social media, and online banking.

4. TechBoomers ( - This site offers free online courses on popular websites and apps, such as Facebook, Netflix, and Skype. They have a dedicated section for seniors that covers internet safety and how to avoid online scams.

5. National Cyber Security Alliance ( - This nonprofit organization provides resources and tools to help individuals stay safe online. Also included is a

section dedicated to seniors that covers topics such as phishing scams, password management, and safe online shopping.

6. Microsoft Accessibility ( - Microsoft provides resources and tools to help people with disabilities, including seniors, use their products. Their website offers information on accessibility features and how to customize settings for an easier and safer computer experience. Microsoft has

done a commendable job is this respect. I applaud them for this.

There are many other excellent sites for seniors which we will be highlighting in future articles. Keep checking back.

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